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The power sector of Russian federation visits the company
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          On January 12th, the delegation of the energy ministry of Russian Federation power grid was accompanied by Mr. Wang Muxi, the general manager of CYG insulator, and carried out an on-the-spot investigation to the whole company.
        The company attached great importance to the investigation. At 2 pm, the members of the delegation arrived on time. After a brief welcome ceremony, the group went into the conference room and listened carefully to Mr. Zhao Tianren, the deputy chief engineer, on the companys history, technology and products. During the introduction of product technology, the members had a warmly communication, and the operation of the product in high altitude and alpine region is discussed deeply. All questions were answered by the leaders of the company respectively.  

         Then, accompanied by the companys leaders, the members of the delegation went into the production site, acknowledged the process, design and development and quality control of the composite insulators. During the visit in the rubber factory, the delegation praised the lean production line and the automatic feeding and sealing system. Through the in-depth field investigation, the scale, advanced management concept and the professional equipment and personnel as well as the strict quality management system left a deep impression on the delegation. Mr. Yevgeniy, the head of the delegation, invited manager Wang to inspect the Russian market and negotiate the plan of cooperation.
        As the leading composite insulators company in the country, we have a long pursuit in not only electric power and railway in China, but the overseas markets as well. The visit of the Russian delegation has made a solid step for us to enter the Russian market and implement the companys overseas strategy.