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Design and testing
CYG Lab Overall Information
Lab Area: 5,285 m2
Number of Inspector: 21 EA
Testing Equipments validly calibrated and Engineers Registered
Inspection Capacity:

Design Test/Type Test/ Routine Test/Sampling Test(Up to 750KV) Per IEC Standard

1. Mechanical Lab Capacity:
7 sets of machines to do the mechanical test
Tensile Strength: 0-3000kN
Bending Strength: 0-50kN
Compression Strength: 2000kN
Torsion Strength: 10kN


2. Chemical & Physical Lab Capacity:
Material Verification
Dimension Verification
Mechanical Test
Electrical Test

3. Electric Lab Capacity:
Power Frequency: 1500kV
Impulse Voltage: 3600kV
Tracking Wheel Test